Stella Water Based Pure Acrylic Paint
(Wood Colors)

It is a special paint developed to give a wooden pattern appearance to the surfaces after Stella paint application.

Packaging size: 250 ml.

It has been specially developed to give you a wooden look with Bianca Stella wood colors on your kitchen counters, furniture, floors and any surface you can imagine, on the surface of which the subfloor application is finished with Stella Paint.

3 hours after the application of 2 layers of subfloor with Bianca Stella paint is completed, you can give a wooden appearance on any surface with Bianca Stella wood colors. Generally preferred floor colors for wood pattern application are tones such as paper bag and sand beige.

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Easily calculate the amount of paint and consumables you need for the areas you want to transform.

Learn what needs to be considered before and after the application for accurate results.


Bianca Stella
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