Bianca Maximo Liquid Glass

In addition to high water resistance, it is a new generation two-component preservative with chemical and physical resistance, 4 times stronger, used for decorative and waterproofing purposes.

Packaging size: 500 gr. (Double component total)

With its superior spreading feature, it does not leave brush and roller marks.

It is dirt and stain resistant and can be easily cleaned with a wet and soapy cloth.

It has excellent water resistance and provides waterproofing on surfaces.

Thanks to its high strength, it does not crack, swell and spill.

It has high chemical resistance. (soap, dish soap etc.)

Review the application details for all the surfaces you want to transform with Stella.

Easily calculate the amount of paint and consumables you need for the areas you want to transform.

Learn what needs to be considered before and after the application for accurate results.

Bianca Stella
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