What should be considered before painting?

The surfaces to be applied should be cleaned of all kinds of dust, dirt and oil, and sandpaper should be done when necessary.

Since paint cannot adhere to oily, silicone and residue areas, the surface must be cleaned with chemical cleaners and degreaser should be used when necessary.

Since the paint cannot hold on areas that are not cleaned well, the application is repeated after the problem area is cleaned and dried.

The most important preparatory step before the paint application is cleaning. You can also complete this step using vinegar.

Rusty and potentially rusty areas should be cleaned with sandpaper and protected with Bianca Antipas.

If there is a floating, raised or swollen part on the surfaces to be painted, it should be repaired. If there is a coating and it is not solid, removing the coating will provide better results.

With the help of a dryer, you can easily remove the coatings on your furniture by softening them. After cleaning, make sure that the environment is completely dry. If necessary, the surface should be dried with a dryer.

What should be considered after painting?

You have completed the painting process, what should you do next?

First 2 days

Application surfaces should not be used for 1 day, and surfaces exposed to water should not be used for 2 days.

First 7 days

Water accumulation should not be allowed. The wetted area should be dried with a dry cloth or paper towel. It should be protected against impacts, heavy objects should not be placed on the surface, and should not be pushed or pulled.

After 7 days

It is not recommended to use bleach directly after the application is completed. If it needs to be used, it is recommended to be diluted with water. During cleaning, detergent, oil remover, stain remover, dish soap, vinegar water and the like can be used. Dish sponge can be used. Wire should not be done. It should not be contacted with lime remover, salt spirit, sink opener, substances containing high alcohol content, thinner, disinfectant.

Bianca Stella Paint protects you and your loved ones. It complies with EN-71 Child and Toy Safety standard. You can use it safely in all living spaces.

Bianca Stella
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